Web Security in 2023

So this is early 2023 and you are working on a web project, wondering about all possible and potential security vulnerabilities that you might need to tackle beforehand; Unless of course you are creating one of those one-pager websites for a local business having zero to none interactivity from viewer’s end, then you really don’t have much to be bothered about.

But, if we are talking about a web application involving, lets say, a backend API, a frontend for users to register at, login, maintain their accounts, performing certain kind of activities such as a shopping cart or perhaps your web application involves financial transactions such as users are expected to deposit money, withdrawals, trades, etc… Obviously, security is of utmost importance and that is exactly what this article covers.

There are several aspects when it comes to web security and I highly suggest reading this article in full to get the complete picture and understand this entire concept much better. I will also be attaching links to several useful online resources where you can read more in-depth about each specific topic.

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