Deploying an Ethereum 2.0 Lighthouse node

Lets get right into it:

Eth2 protocol is diverse which therefore gives us option to choose an Eth2 client. Here we are going to download lighthouse binaries from “Sigma Prime” (dev team) official repository here:

Choose one of the most recent stable release, which at time of writing this post is v3.4.0 (Stealy). We will download and extract the archive:

tar -xf lighthouse-v3.4.0-x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu.tar.gz

If doing this as root, now we will copy extracted lighthouse binary to /usr/local/bin directory to make this binary accessible system wide.

mv lighthouse /usr/local/bin

Now to confirm, we will run lighthouse -V command and expect following response to make sure everything has went well so far:

Lighthouse v3.4.0-38514c0

For the next step, you may want to:

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